Thursday, March 27, 2008

Click click -- Random Images

Photo #1

Photo #1: I have been hearing about the 'Macro' mode in the camera and never had a chance to test it fully. Finally, I had this red visitor to our first floor. What better way to test the 'Macro' mode than to capture this visitor in my shutter box? The yellow & red color have come extremely well.
Photo #2:

Photo #2: One of the things that I learnt recently is the value of the 'Slow Shutter Speed' option in the camera. A corn seller with the small fire near the beach side produced this amazing shot with the camera in a slow shutter speed mode.

Photo #3:

Photo #3: Nothing compares to the various shops that are there in the beach. Beach is probably one of my most favorite photo hunting grounds and this photo of a 'Bajji' shop in the natural light has come out perfectly. The trick here is to switch off your flash when you want to take photos in the natural light.

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