Sunday, April 08, 2007

Photos for FUN!

Photo #1

Photo #1: I used the slow shutter speed to take this photo of water droplets falling from the water pump. The only modification that I have done to the photo is cropping it to show just the relevant details. The glistening blue things are the water droplets!!!

Photo #2

Photo #2: This photo was taken with me lying down in the beach sand with the camera almost touching the ground. The 'Beach' mode in the SCN (scene) selection of the camera was used for getting the appropriate colors of the beach, the sky & sand.

Photo #3

Photo #3: In one of the online photography lessons website they had stressed the importance of making a closeup shot REALLY close. I tried it with the badam tree leaves in my house and the results came out real bad............. This photo is one of the exceptions where I was able to get the focus right where I wanted it.

Photo #4

Photo #4: A closeup shot of the water bottle that hangs from the water pump. Even in this photo, the focus is not where I wanted it to be but still the end effect of the photo was something that pleased me.


Sankar said...

the beach one was really super. Good positioning of the camera and the framing was really interesting. btw, is there something called a beach mode? i am not sure if there is such a mode in my camera??? which one are you using?

Howard Roark said...

I am using the Canon A95 camera. When U change the dial to the SCN selection, it offers a variety of options like "Kids & Pets", "Foliage", "Beach", "Snow" and some other stuff which I don't remember from the top of my head. I had actually checked the description for Ur camera last weekend & I was not able to find this particular feature in it. You might want to check it in the "Scene selection" help section.


Ashok said...

Seems you have started taking photos pretty seriously. It is evident in the experimentation of your photos. Keep it coming ! Guess it is time for you to get a Digital SLR :-) !!

Howard Roark said...

Ohh yes........ I have taken photography very seriously. Reading some tutorials available in the net & my brother also got a digital photography book.

Regarding buying a new camera, I would have to exhaust all the options in my present camera. And that would take quite sometime for I have still not started 'Experimenting' with manual mode yet. Till that point, I would stick to my Canon A95!

Kannan said...

Nice pics da! Seems like you are becoming a pro at this...

I was expecting some kind of blog posting related to the world cup from you...what happened to frustrated with India's performance to post anything, or have you just lost interest in cricket?

Howard Roark said...

Thanks for the comments daa.

As far as articles are concerned, my project is (hopefully) 3 days away from its release and so spending lotzzz of time at the office. Once it is over, I would be back with articles on cricket & more :-)

Till then..........