Friday, April 06, 2007

How to talk to anyone -- Book Review

Author: Leil Lowndes
Year of Publication: 2003

This book chose me when I caught its attention while browsing through the books section in Landmark. Two things were salient about this book. One is that it had a topic that has always fascinated me. The other is that when I started flipping the pages, I saw a reference to Dale Carnegie (Author of the biblical book "How to win friends & influence people). The author Leil Lowndes had mentioned that the techniques of Carnegie were applicable for the 1930's but the 21st century required new rules for effective communication. Did the 'New' rules that Ms.Lowndes suggests in this book make more sense than Carnegie's? How effective would these 92 'Tricks' be in the present world?

The book is categorized into 9 different parts with each part dealing with a particular situation like talking in a party, over the phone and various other stuff. This book reeks with insincerity and some of the techniques suggested stink for lack of genuine concern for the other person. The motto of the book seems to be that of getting done the things one wants and stooping down to feigning interest in the other person's hobbies or pretending to share the same values are to be considered as options.

If one could get over the utter lack of sincerity & continue reading, this book does indeed prove to be a worthy read. The witty writing style interspersed with brilliant anecdotes makes for a wonderful read. The fact that the book has 92 little tricks makes it simple for the reader to grasp the crux of the trick. And the best part is the keyword kind of summation that the author has come up for each one of the trick. The keywords being funny yet relevant to the point discussed makes for easy remembrance of the tricks. The small highlighted summary at the end of each trick is also a very effective technique and would come handy when one needs to recap the techniques they have learned.

Bottom Line: Throw away the fact that the tricks suggested in the book are insincere. The techniques suggested, when catalyzed with sincerity and respect for fellow human beings, would create a magical reaction that could produce all the results that you had yearned for & more. Get a copy of the book to keep as a handy reference in your desk. And DO NOT forget to add sincerity to those bag of tricks.

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