Monday, February 12, 2007

Katrin Mozhi -- Song review

Song : Katrin Mozhi
Movie : Mozhi
Singer: Balram
Music :

The song starts with a short, soft & sweet guitar prelude. This guitar piece is instantly catchy and raises your expectation about the song. Then, the voice of Balram starts off beautifully. The resounding voice of balram streams along with the Guitar piece and takes you to another plane. Till the start of the first para, the voice of Balram & the guitar play in such harmony that you are transported to a different world. Just before the first para starts, the guitar gives way to a foot-tapping tabla piece and a mellifluos flute piece. Once the para starts, the tabla takes a secondary role allowing the magnetic voice of Balram to lead the way. The pure tamil lyrics & the excellent pronounciation makes the song even more beautiful. The interlude consists of a piano piece that weaves magic and leaves the listener's spellbound. Like adding another color to an already colorful rangoli, the tabla is added as another layer to the piano. Soon, the tabla paves way for a haunting flute piece. The end of the interlude is followed by the second para with again just the tabla supporting the vocals. As though to signify the importance of silence, the song ends in a perfect way with just the voice of Balram bringing a peace that is too good to be missed.

It would be a gross injustice if a description of this extra-ordinary song is done without a mention of the importance of the lyrics by Vairamuthu. The lyrics are in the same mode as the "Unn samayal arayil" from Dhill except that this talks about the language of language itself. The two lines given below gave me the goose bumps.
"Iyarkayin Mozhigal Purinthuvidil,
Manitharin Mozhigal Thevayillai.

Ithayathin Mozhigal Purinthuvidil,
Manitharku Mozhiye Thevayillai"

A song that should directly enter the realms of all-time hits. A classic indeed!


Ashwin said...

Sorry Nages, "Katrin Mozhiye" is no way near to the "Unn samayal arayil". Both sounds different & create different modes. "Katrin Mozhiye" gives the Classical blend of Romantic Language rather than relating the feel about the love on other.

Anonymous said...

hi ashwin
i go with Nages coz i think jus told these songs r similar by the comparisons made.
eg.*un samayal arayil nan "upa? sakaraya?"
* katrim mozhi "oliya? isaya?"
i really love this song katrin mozhi...