Thursday, November 01, 2007

Vijayawada Trip Images -- Part I

Had been on a trip to Vijayawada recently and I am getting a bit toooo obsessed with photography for I took two cameras for the trip. One is my 'trusted' & 'beloved' Canon A95. The other is a camera that I had borrowed from friend (A olympus camera with a 10x optical zoom). All the below photos are from my camera.

Photo #1

Photo #1: A fast moving train. I consider this as one of the best photos that I have taken till now. I had not intended the photo to come this way but I guess the best things in life are never planned for! Had got the focus on the last compartment of the train and when it came near, I had moved the camera a bit faster than I had actually intended. The result is a blurred out tail piece of the train.

Photo #2

Photo #2: This photo was taken on the Krishna river bridge. I have never seen a bridge where there are two seperate rail tracks. I got a lot lucky when another train came in the other track and I had a pretty good capture.

Photo #3

Photo #3: The Vijayawada trip was unique in that I travelled in almost all forms of transport (Except on a plane). Had seen a lot of tricycles in Vijayawada but somehow was hesitant on travelling in one of them. I went to a place called Amaravathi and there finally got into this person's tricycle. Wanted to capture that moment so that it could be frozen in my memory forever.

Photo #4

Photo #4: Nature has this uncanny ability to show humans their limitations and bring them back hard and fast to the earth. Rains & floods had played havoc for a couple of days and the above photo is a bullock cart surrounded by water.

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