Sunday, January 07, 2007

Photos -- At home

Photo: 1
Photo #1: I was too bored today evening & went about taking some photos. The only thing that I did with this photo is to crop it a little bit to remove the background building from it

Photo: 2

Photo #2: This is the photo of the house opposite to mine. I especially liked this photo for the varied colors that it has in it.

Photo: 3
Photo #3: A closeup of the coconut tree in full bloom. I must have taken close to a 20 photos before I got what I wanted.......... (The best thing about Digital photography :-) )

Photo :4

Photo #4: This is the lamp post just beside my house. It has some creeper surrounding it & when taken with the natural light, this is how it looked. Again, the color & the lighting are something that I really liked about this photo.


Kannan said...

Nice pictures! Looks like your camera captures a lot of colors even in dark bacground, thats pretty impresssive. What camera do you have? I am looking to buy a digital camera too. So far I have got away with borrowing it from my sister. And even with that I am usually not able to get good pictures in dark backgrounds. If I leave the flash on it's too bright, if I leave it off its too dark.

Howard Roark said...

I have a Canon A95. I guess Canon is one of the best for amateur photographers like us as the 'Auto' mode does most of the work for us. Also, the advanced features has an imprerssive list that we can use as & when we 'transform' into a good photographer

lmurali said...

I do agree Canon is the best for amateurs, but still I would suggest you go with manual adjustments than "auto" mode. Simply because, U will be able to improve on ur photography skills with manual settings. After all, you can take n number of snaps before you feel the snap is optimal.