Friday, July 20, 2007

Namakal -- Photos

I had been to Namakal to give a technical seminar for 2 colleges on "Embedded Systems". If giving a technical seminar to the final year students was a great experience, the another great thing that happened in Namakal is to be allowed to take photos of the God Anjaneyar from a close range. One of the temple priest permitted me to take snaps of the God (My colleague knew a lot of people in the temple and so they let me shoot photos!!!)

The above photo directly went to a photo studio for a lamination (12 x 8). One of my friends was very impressed with the photos and he has got a wallpaper size (20 x 16) photo of the same now!!! The photo that I have given below also has come really well. The only thing that I did with this photo is to play with it in Picassa to enhance the colors and to crop some unwanted details. Thought would share it here so that other interested people can also take print outs of the same.


Hari said...

Anchaneya photo is simply marvellous!!! To which college you went in Namakkal.

Howard Roark said...

I went to AMS college of engineering. And also to Gnanamani